What are Blogs?

"Blogs", or web logs, are simply bits of information written by people who have something to say on a particular topic, and normally where that topic is likely to be updated regularly.

Topics can range from simple diaries, personal soapboxes to public announcements, or where progress on something like a project roll-out is publicised (e.g. the Broadband roll-out in Stanton).

Updates to a blog are called "posts".

In the case of our blogs, we also enable people to comment on posts, our only request being that all posts and comments are objective and not offensive (i.e. criticise the idea, not the person). For most of our blogs you will need to sign-in to the website before you can leave a comment.

  Can I Contribute?

If you would like to create and post to a blog on a new topic, or be able to share posts to an existing blog, please send an email to: webmaster@stantonvillage.uk


Posts specifically about the Stanton Village Club