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Water Supply - Update - bottled water

Saturday 16th 3.20pm

STW have parked a mobile water bowser at the junction of the High Street and Stanway Road next to The Court's entrance, where you may fill containers with drinking water. It is not likely to be there for very long so act quickly.

(18.30: now gone!)

Saturday 16th 3.00pm

Work is continuing to re-charge the reservoir and slow but steady progress is being made. There may be water now available at the bottom of the village (can someone confirm this?) but it will be a slow process to refill up to the level of the higher premises again.

I have scrounged 18 bottles of water, which are available on the front garden wall of my house (The Jesters in the High Street, just past Burland Hall on the opposite side of the road) and these are available to anyone who needs them.

We are trying to get more bottles dropped off later (probably by the village cross next to Church Lane) - more info if/when it happens.

(Richard H 584943)

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Water Supply - 15 December 2017

There is a major problem affecting large areas of Gloucestershire, including Stanton. The primary fault is a burst 36" water main near Tewkesbury (Stonehouse Farm).  


Update 09.15am Saturday 16th

The burst main is in a 36" main pipe located in a flooded field. As of 0915 Saturday 16th, the pipe has NOT been repaired. To mitigate the impact of this, Severn Trent Water have a small fleet of tankers which have been working throughout the night to re-charge the reservoir and mains pipes above Stanton. This work is still ongoing. 

I have again requested that a supply of bottled water be provided in the short term and am waiting for "the botttled water team" to contact me in this regard. If this isn't possible, there are three locations in Tewkesbury where bottled water is available for collection. More info as soon as it is available. (Richard Harwood, Tel 584943)

STW call ref: 200337019

Update Friday 15th  7.45pm 

The local leak is believed to have been fixed. After the repair is complete the mains pipes, which are still empty, will need to refill. This may take a number of hours and needs to be controlled to avoid further problems.  A rough guess is that the water may take 12 hours or more to return but no one at Severn-Trent Water can give a confident estimate of when it will reappear. I have asked STW to arrange for bottled water to be made available but this may not happen tonight. Hopefully, the supply will be restored by Saturday morning. (Richard Harwood)


Update Friday 15th 5.00pm (info from Diana Galbraith)

- There are 5 – 6 large tankers in the layby of the B4632 – spoke to STW guy who said they were waiting for permission to close road into Stanton (entrance from Cheltenham side only) – water will be pumped into the system and up to the reservoir from the railway bridge area – understand the pumping will be continuous until the repairs at Tewkesbury are carried out.
Unfortunately he could not give me a time - but there is hope!


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